Interpretation of the Initial Better Ads Standard

🛰 Interpretation of the Initial Better Ads Standards 

As the recently-released initial Better Ads Standards are reviewed and implemented in the 

marketplace, matters of interpretation of the Standards may arise. Until such time as the 

Coalition finalizes an overall framework for interpretation of the Standards generally, or for 

resolution of contested interpretations of a particular Standard, the Coalition may determine that

certain types of ad experiences are sufficiently unclear as to the tested ad experience to which 

they are associated and therefore are considered in contention.


In connection with the initial Better Ads Standard for Pop-up Ads (desktop or mobile web), two 

types of ad experiences have been brought to the Coalition’s attention:

(1) Ads appearing in images or interactive content (videos or games) and that take up 30% or 

less of the image or interactive content; and 

(2) Exit pop up ads that occur after a user has ceased active engagement with content, and 

which occur (a) when the user starts to leave the page (without interfering with the user’s 

departure); (b) if the user has been inactive or idle for more than 30 seconds on a page 

that does not contain video content; (c) once the user has reached the end of the first 

article on a page; or (d) if a user purposely navigates to another tab and then returns to the 

open page. 🌐🔍KLIK☆☆☆

The Coalition determines that these two types of ad experiences are in contention, and are 

therefore not presently included under the Better Ads Standard for Pop-up Ads (desktop or 

mobile web). It is anticipated that these ad experiences will be submitted for evaluation.

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